Everyone’s situation is unique – your Union is there to help you.

You may be wondering how you should act. If you have signed or if you are asked to sign a non-competition agreement, it is important for you to clarify whether the agreement has lawful grounds. 

The validity of a non-competition agreement shall always be assessed on a case by case basis. A comprehensive evaluation is needed to determine, for example, if particularly weighty grounds required by the law actually exist in your case. What is valid for a colleague of yours may not be applicable to your situation.

Watch the video to see why the legal validity of the non-competition agreement may have a great impact in your case.

The compensation payable in accordance with the new legislation will be of value if you decide to resign from your job. Provided that your non-competition agreement is legally valid and you have fulfilled its obligations, your right to unemployment security or the related waiting period will not affect your employer’s liability to pay you a compensation.

To make sure that you will benefit from the agreement, you should check if your agreement is legally valid.

Assistance from the Union

Any matters you are still wondering about? There are plenty of other issues related to the non-competition agreements. 

• What is competition? 

• Who is a rival in terms of the law?

• Does a non-competition agreement affect the prohibitions to attract or recruit employees? 

• What should you take into consideration if you are employed on a fixed-term or part-time basis?

• Which is a better alternative for an employee: contractual penalty or liability for damages?

The lawyers at your Union will provide you with answers to these questions as well as individual advice tailored to your specific situation.

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Everyone’s situation is unique – your Union is there to help you.